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ispy is a 2017 top 10 song by Kyle featuring Lil Yachty.

I spy with my little life. A girlie I can get because she doesn't get too many likes. A curly headed cutie I can turn into my wife. Wait this means forever ever never mind.

I haven't frowned since '06. I haven't cried since '01. My pad is like Six Flags and your house is no fun. You can come over to mine though. We're going to end this on a high note.

by PWS27 May 10, 2017
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Leaving ones' earbuds in after turning off ones' Ipod and eavsedropping under the guise of listening to music
guy1: "Dude, you were spaced out on your Ipod all day, how would you know.?"

guy2: "I was Ispying on you the whole time.."

guy1: "....crap!"
by La Lechedor February 03, 2010
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