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not to be confused with The Blue Screen of Deaththe white screen of death happens when the BSD fails. there are only three ways for WSD to happen.
1)a projectile traveling at high speed smashes through your hard disk, however your pc does not crash, instead it enters a state of confusion, much like the human sensation of being really highon pcp or any other narcotic, which would explain the intense white light.
2)one of Microsoft's spying updates sees you downloading illegal content, prompting Microsoft to screw you.
3)a hammer is smashed into the screen or computer related object that is hooked up to a screen, however the screen and or object remains on, causing a white screen, this is also know as hammering your pc.

Microsoft's most successful program The Blue Screen of Death
1)i put a .44 through my HDD and i got The White Screen of Death.
2) i got saw 5 days before its in theaters!!!
3) were the fuck is my essay?!?!?! ahh!! -smash-
by 35yeros October 21, 2008
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