when a girl is pissed off or upset she’s gonna respond with black screens
why does maddie keep on sending me black screens, she must be upset or mad
by urmomiscoolx2 December 28, 2018
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When someone posts a black screen it means they want to be penetrated.
“Yo Robins just posted a black screen he must want to be penetrated.”
by M double o d February 3, 2023
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If someone “black screening” you they are sending black pictures on social media (Like Snapchat) only and nothing else.
by Heheclo July 18, 2018
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A guessing game on porn video sharing websites, like rule34, where the viewer does not know what they will be watching, due to the thumbnail for the video being a black screen. This goes further into affect when the tags for said video have not been fully completed yet, so the viewer has no idea what the video is about until they play it for themselves.
Guy 1: How’s it going?
Guy 2: Not good I had to ply Black Screen Roulette today.
Guy 1: How’d that go for you?
Guy 2: It was inflation porn.
by DJUNGELSKOGG June 3, 2021
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Abbreviated as BSoD (not to be confused with the same abbreviation of Windows' Blue Screen of Death), it is the Original Xbox's equivalent to the PlayStation 2's infamous Red Screen of Death (RSoD). It shows a black background with the green "Your Xbox requires service" text and a error code at the upper left side.
Someone who played the OG Xbox: I remember the Black Screen of Death, that it was so traumatic!
by Ryan900USAYT September 30, 2022
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Microsoft ruined Windows 11 and that's one of the main reasons how. It's still BSOD, though.
Person 1: yo I got black screen of death what can I do?
Person 2: you upgraded to windows 11?
Person 1: yep why?
Person 2: nothing special, you can fix it by... and some tech stuff
Person 1: thx cya round!
by stysan September 27, 2022
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Few ever lose their fight with the Blue Screen of Death so spectacularly that they move on to the next realm of PC Fuck Updome. After fighting with the BSOD, if you are lucky enough to pass through the BSOD purgatory, you too may find yourself staring at a black screen saying "What the fuck?!"even after pressing the On/restart button to your computer.

You've just killed your computer, congratulations!
Billy Bob - after failing to understand his BSOD problem and refusing to follow the technical information stop - decided to just keep restarting his machine when the BSOD appeared. Certain BSOD aren't really BSOD's they're more, Blue Screens of This Computer Sucks - but only in some scrote licking hardware/software conflict kinda way. Billy Bob, not giving a shit about the foregoing continued to restart his computer, integrating the phenomena of the blue screen into his routine. Until one day the restart Billy Bob was used to, instead produced a black screen with no response whatsoever from the machine. Left completely dumb-founded, all Billy Bob could do was stare at the Black Screen of WTF?! and say...
by Monster Truck Smash August 29, 2011
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