an expression someone says when he is overwhelmed by a particular physical feature. Particularly on a human....... particularly nice....... particularly.... the ass
e.g. Person; hey look she's got a big a- oh lawd!-
by manu :) November 20, 2013
It refers to black people's pronunciation of "Lord Jesus"
You see a black girl with a huge butt and exclaim: Oh Lawd Jesus that ass!
by Vite April 30, 2014
Black women dialogue for; "Oh how interestingly spontaneous that this particular event occurred at this paradime."
Shaniquela: "Oh Mama Jackson, me and Jamar O'Ryan are having a baby."

Mama Jackson: "Oh lawd Jesus!"
by Le_Willis April 8, 2014
The highest possible level of chonk attainable.
My sister's cat weighs 15kg (33lbs), oh lawd he comin'!
by Daemia April 15, 2019
the thiccest lad known to mankind
Friend A: "The big chungus is one of the thiccest beings in the universe."

Friend B: "No. My cat is the thiccest being."

*cat walks in*

Friend A: "oh lawd he coming"
by liskkoz March 31, 2019
A phrase used to describe obese cats. It must be in all caps and spelled exactly the way it is shown above.
"Do you have a cat."

"Yeah. He weighs like 30 pounds though."

by Someone who kinda exists April 5, 2022
The term most commonly used for popular memes that involve a particularly cute household pet heading towards the camera.

However, this has more recently been used for the Gorillaz fandom's 2D Cat meme, created by on Instagram.
*2D Cat walking down the street*
Any Gorillaz fan ever: OH LAWD HE COMIN
by AlphaOmegaMonster November 25, 2018