The w-word It is a slur word for the noun want
okay fine. The w-word It is a slur word for the noun want
by okjdhdjhd May 9, 2021
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w-word is a slur used by gay cowboys and incels. The actual word w-word is a euphemism for woman, but it can mean any female/girl/woman.
Incel: I fucking hate those w-words
Gay Cowboy: Shucks, you should give up on those dang w-words and become a gay cowboy. We don't have to deal with them w-words
Incel: I guess you're right, fuck w-words
by HandleBrake12 March 3, 2019
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the polite way to meantion the race descriptor to a caucasian person who finds being called white offensive. It's like the n-word or r-word, and is a synonym to honkie or cracker. see
Johnathan really hates being called the w-word, I still call him a honky cracker from time to time though.
by sic0 August 14, 2008
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W-Word is a censored version of saying 'word'
by JakeTV42 March 9, 2018
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My mother dropped the w-word and said that I had to go out and get a job.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
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A w-word pass is the w-word version of the n-word pass. The w-word pass grants the person carrying it the ability to say the w-word.
Black guy: Ayy my whigga
White mobster: Defuq are you saying to me
Black guy: Pulls out w-word pass
White mobster: Ayy my whigga
by NihilegoBuil May 22, 2019
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Unlike the N-word this is a word is only used by white people
Man your a W-word
by Over-Syndrome October 17, 2022
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