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Another word for shit/maneur/crap/dung
I hate biff
by NihilegoBuil April 29, 2021
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The Virginity of not being a political shoehorner.
Wow, that YouTube just uploaded a video where he shoehorned political crap everywhere despite it being unneeded, he just lost his Political Virginity.
by NihilegoBuil January 1, 2021
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A w-word pass is the w-word version of the n-word pass. The w-word pass grants the person carrying it the ability to say the w-word.
Black guy: Ayy my whigga
White mobster: Defuq are you saying to me
Black guy: Pulls out w-word pass
White mobster: Ayy my whigga
by NihilegoBuil May 22, 2019
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Slang for Basketball. Reference to how half of the basketballs during a PE class are treated as soccer balls and kicked around.
Why are you kicking a basketball?

I thought it was a size 6 Soccerball.
by NihilegoBuil April 29, 2021
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A slang term for Volleyball players. The term comes from the hoe like clothing worn and their hoe like instagrams.
by NihilegoBuil January 30, 2020
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