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A kickass show on CBS about a group of special forces soldiers who go around saving the world and return home to their loving wives. The action is intense, and the writing is sharp. Makes me respect American servicemen more than 24 ever did.
FBI Agent: Sergeant Major, Where are you going?
Jonas: I'm gonna take down that plane. And I've got my best man in the woods, so if you give me up he will come down here and shoot you dead. You, you and you, panic. The rest of you come with me.
-From the pilot episode of The Unit
by Doctorwaffle July 18, 2008
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A method of guessing on a multiple choice test that involves looking at the position of the second hand. If the hand is between 12 and 3 the guess is A. If the hand is between 3 and 6 the guess is B. Between 6 and 9 guess C. Between 9 and 12 guess D.
I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
by ET4444 November 12, 2007
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A group of high school girls who think they are cool, but in fact, no one likes them
Sara: "Did you hear the DJ's shout-out to The Unit at prom?"

Ben: "Yeah, it was so obnoxious. Everyone hates them."
by palysenior09 April 26, 2009
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a very well design and blown glass bong approx. 2 and a half feet tall that completely destroys the shit out of you!!
head got soo fucked up from hittin the unit last night
by johnny cash April 08, 2005
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