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When a girl sticks a leaking pen inside her pussy and leaves it there for awhile. She then removes the pen and shoots an inkblot like a squid.
Joe: God damn man I was gonna fuck this chick but she pulled the squid on me and I bailed.

Bob: Nice.
by Wook January 28, 2008
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A particular method used by unexperienced girls to give hand jobs. The female (or male) performing the hand job spreads out their fingers and approaches the penis head on, collapsing each digit equidistant around the base of the shaft. To complete the stroke, all five fingers are drawn up the shaft toward the center of the palm unanimously while the palm is drawn away away from the head of the penis. Performed correctly, this should result in a motion resembling a squid swimming.
So last night I was making out with my girlfriend and she tried to give me the squid...
by Wolf of Handicap Stall Street January 24, 2014
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A shorthand trader reference to "Vampire squid", most commonly used by traders when referring to American investment bank Goldman Sachs.
The squid really fucked us on that last CDO deal!
by econtutor October 17, 2011
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a type of dance where the dancers look as if they are made of jelly. squidding is a popular dance to do around the forth of july. the dance is most common among those that have "it."

1. Point feet inward
2. Bend knees
3. Lean over
4. Move your arms back and forth
5. Now you're halfway to having "it"!
Kerry, Alex, Hannah, and Karina were doing the squid at Evans 4th of July extravaganza.
by Declan Devito July 04, 2007
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It is an erotic sex position commonly used by necrophiliac marine biologists where the man and woman lie on a bed (with a headboard with bars) with the woman positioned on top of the man with both parties facing the ceiling. The woman tightly grasps her legs around the man's buttocks and the couple then grasps the bars of the headboard. From the top view, it should appear as the body of a squid with the arms of the man will correspond to the arms of a squid.
NOTE: Vaginal use recommended to produce a fish-like smell like that of a squid.
Man, Heather and I tried the squid, and wow, it was so erotic I had a craving for seafood as if her love cup wasn't enough.
by Mike Carini January 12, 2009
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