A "professional" wrestling move where you put the lockdown on someone's face in an attempt to cut off the air supply to their brain. Since this type of wrestling is fake as shit, the "sleepee" then pretends as if he/she has "gone under". This usually involves acting like your body has become totally limp and even taking it to the point of fake snoring. News alert: in reality, if someone cut off the oxygen to your brain, you wouldn't be snoring, you'd be fucking dead.

The executor of the sleeper (upon putting his opponent under and the ref ringing the bell) then jumps up, prances around the ring in victory and then humiliates his opponent by any of the following: leg dropping him/her; ripping a juicy fart in opponent's open mouth; depantsing him/her; writing embarrassing sayings (in marker) on his/her bare skin; pulling a "snake" out of a bag and laying it on his/her face; etc.

At some point during the humiliation of the opponent, the sleepee's posse (who has obviously been watching from the dressing room) comes charging out to the ring, intent on kicking the executor of the sleeper hold's ass. After a couple closelines and head butts, the sleeper holder usually slides out of the ring (without suffering much damage) and retreats to the dressing room, taunting the crowd and the posse in the ring, every step of the way.

Once all trouble has been cleared out, the sleepee is then put on a stretcher and dramatically carried out of the area.
Holy shit, I can't believe Rowdy Roddy Piper just put the fucking sleeper on Jimmy Supafly Snuka.
by Wang Newton March 12, 2005
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To have sexual relations with another while they remain asleep.
Dude I totally gave Lindsey the sleeper last night and she never woke up!
by Michael L. Honcho May 15, 2018
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A very speacil and hard to perfect technique that involves pretending that your asleep on a person. This is a technique that is used for picking up girls
by Chris G March 19, 2004
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Member of DOV, hater of "TRUTH" commercials and wearer of the leather pants.
"don't fear the sleeper..."
by Black Belt Jones September 18, 2003
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A no-sleeper is the corporate equivalent to a no-hitter - a presentation in which nobody dozes off.
Kurt had a no-sleeper going until he got to the financing options slides - then he lost it. Badly.
by PsychoPuppyDad August 1, 2014
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Often reffering to what appears to be a ordinary looking stock commuter car that is anything but stock under the hood. Pretty much the exact opposite of your every day riced up civic.
My bone stock looking 1967 Volkswagen Beetle with a dual carbed, big bore and race head equiped engine gives quite the ego bashing when a ricer can't hold up to his own challenge at a light.
by VWtuner June 6, 2003
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Large, beautiful breasts that are keep well consealed and initially appear to be much smaller and less impressive than they actually are until unleashed.
I think Alicia may have some real sleepers.
by KABT October 27, 2007
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