The most underrated song in the history of music. It is by Led Zeppelin and on the album Physical Graffiti. Track 2

It has possibly the single greatest solo ever
Dude I did not know The Rover was such an awesome song until I listened to it
by Beowulf2112 October 11, 2007
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An underrated Led Zeppelin song from their 1975 album "Physical Graffiti."
"The Rover" features one of the most awesomest riffs in rock history.
by signull June 28, 2006
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when you’re so high you might as well be on Mars
person 1: “how high are you?”
person 2: “dude I’m in the rover!”
by oldrowstar June 16, 2018
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Rover with a capital R is a prestigeous make of car in the UK going back to the 1920's and still manufacturing fine cars today. Formaly owned by British Leyland, Honda and BMW they are now independant after a management buy-out. Rover of course gave Land Rover and Range Rover to the world many years ago which are still the benchmark off-roaders.
HRH Queen Elizabeth II has always favoured Rover cars for her own private use.
by Viking rover October 16, 2004
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That white oversized beach-balloon thing off of the cult 1960s psychological British spy TV-show "The Prisoner" (the one with Patrick McGoohan). Rover acts as the disciplinary force in a disguised detention centre for spies ("the village"). Upon finding an escapee, rover pounces on them and knocks them out, then carries/drags them back.
Patrick McGoohan almost escaped in the first episode of "The Prisoner", but then Rover caught him and foiled his escape :/
by Captain Capable February 28, 2012
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A now defunct British Car maker. Once part of the mighty British Leyland Automotive Corporation, responsible for some of the best British Cars ever made:

The Rover 75, Rover 600, SD1, P4, P5, P6.

And some of the Worst:

CityRover, 'Streetwise.'

Once quoted as "The British equivilent of BMW" in 1994 buy non other than the then Chairman of BMW himself: Bernd Pischetsrieder.

A Car Company ultimately undeserving of its tragic demise, but aided by imcompetent, greedy management: Kevin Howe, the 'Phoenix Four', BMW.
"I'm gonna run Kevin Howe over in my Rover!"
by Liam O May 31, 2005
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Sex position where the female lies on her back and puts her legs on the dude's shoulders, while he slams her poon. The dude kneels in front.
Jessica's GSpot was itchy so she begged Alfred to give her rover. Sadly, he died from loss of blood after she scratched the shit out of his back.
by captainc1992 January 15, 2008
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