A very real person that keeps things 100% or most of the time.

A person that is always true to their self and the people around them.

A person that keeps things real more than most people.
I love to be around my friend Judy she Da Realest.
I miss my Homie he was Da Realest.
Im Da Realest alive.
by layzome December 15, 2013
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A club that the one and only Olivia created for her and her true hoes #kirgin
by Not a kirgin anymore November 17, 2018
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the real deal when it comes to killing
Scarface, GodFather ect...:realest killas/

ja rule and murder inc.: wankstas, and never killed a fly
by Mr.X March 01, 2005
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Girl 1: You hear that hoe Jamie got pregnant just to trap her boyfriend Alfredo?!?

Boy 1: Dayyyyummmmmm fuh'real?!

Girl 2: Talk of the realest!
by TH@Tnigga December 06, 2010
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Leah Alvarez is tha muthafuckin realest person out there on g. Period pooh
Wow! That person is Tha Realest! Oh wait it's Leah!
by 1yaman1 December 07, 2019
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