26 definitions by Bozz Hawg

12) Don't player hate, celebrate!
11) A player must be true to the game.
10) If she ain't down, she ain't worth it.
9) A true player always protects his investments.
8) If she ain't wearing a wedding ring, she's game. Until she says, "I do," she will!
7) If there's grass in that field, play ball.
6)Don't start shit. Finish it.
5)Don't be in it for the bling. Be in it for the Love!
4) Sometimes the best loving comes from the plainest packages.
3) Never pass on ass.
2) Don't get caught.
1) PLAYER'S DON'T FEEL! I player with feelings is like a redneck driving a Cadillac... it ain't happening!
Ultimately, you must play to be a player!
by Bozz Hawg June 3, 2004
a bitch so ugly, you gotta drink an entire sixer of beer to make her look good
That Dawn, she's a six-pack!
by Bozz Hawg April 22, 2004
I wouldn't even call these "bands" because they play no instruments and can barely sing. To make matters worse, every one follows the same formula:

-- the good looking guy;
-- the talented guy (the only one who can actually sing);
-- the shy, quiet guy;
-- the "older brother" type; and
-- the "bad boy."
Boy bands are creepy. Here's 5 guys in their late-twenties and early-thirties who sing love songs to 12- and 13-year-old girls! Boy bands make R. Kelly look like the Patrib Saint of Chastity!
by Bozz Hawg April 7, 2004
The publicity stunt that was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's alleged relationship. You knew that they would break up after "Gigli" because that movie sucked major ass.

What's up with J-Lo's gay man fetish anyway? First she marries a male dancer (and you know ALL male dancers prefer hot dogs to tacos). Then she allegedly gets engaged to Affleck!
You know Bennifer was a publicity stunt. Ben Affleck would NEVER cheat on his butt buddy Matt Damon, especially with a used-up skank like J-HO!
by Bozz Hawg April 15, 2004
also "the corys"

Refers to Cory Haim & Cory Feldmen, 2 actors from the 80's who developped drug habits. Feldmen got off drugs and is now a "C List" celebrity who is stuck doing lame movies like "Bordello of Blood." Haim's career is in the toilet.
The Corys starred in such classics as "The Lost Boys" (great movie!) and "License to Drive" (awful movie!).
by Bozz Hawg March 26, 2004
an inexpensive homemade alcoholic beverage, known for its foul taste; it is usually green in color because most people use mint-flavored mouthwash, but it can be any color

1) empty an entire bottle of cough syrup into a half-full bottle of mouthwash
2) secure cap on mouthwash bottle & shake vigorously
3) drink
by Bozz Hawg April 7, 2004