A more extreme version of the shocker and it requires 2 fingers in each hole.
This Guy gave me the ravager last night it felt amazing.
by ASADADADAD October 31, 2007
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To leave her (after sex ) breathless and shaking, all in disarray but with a secret smile upon her face.
"You have been truly ravaged, my dear" he said with a wink as he straightened his tie to head back to work.
by Sepia April 11, 2016
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To grope someone's body in a vicious, wild, and kinky manner.
The boy moaned out as the girl ravaged him at random.
by Lain September 01, 2003
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when you sexual destroy your partner in bed.
Davey Joe - I ravaged that mule of a woman last night.
by Steve Metzger February 16, 2006
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To completely and utterly destroy the vaginal area through relentless pounding. Usually occurring after a night of repetitive Flaming Dr. Peppers.
Dustin: Dude, look at that girl over there!

Paul: Holy shit! She would get ravaged
by djpaul June 11, 2010
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(v.) to destroy, lay waste, ruin; (n.) ruinous damage, destruction
Swarms of locusts ravaged the farmer's fields and orchards.

No one can escape the ravages of time.
by Barry Dragon January 12, 2003
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