Man, it's ruinous to have a thing for this guy. Chicks don't know what they're really up for. He is the most sacrosanct guy I've met and honest about himself. But, I know he muff's his friends women and leaves them.
by Accedntalyn<3 December 12, 2009
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adj. having the potential to ruin the faces off those who oppose you. an action or circumstance marked by a sense of despair. an object that is highly desirable, to the point of causing extreme jealousy in others.
"dood, back up... i got a ruinous backhand and you're testing my limits"

"in a ruinous turn of events, Ryan's dad decided to accompany the young couple on their camping trip."

"omg man... this chocolate cake you made... it's effin ruinous"
by tehdubbid May 30, 2006
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Factually the Best gun in Bungie's smash hit sequel to Destiny, Destiny 2. It literally turns your enemies into big balls that you can fondle. What else do you want a gun to do?
Guardian 1: Please don't turn me into a ball that you can dunk into my teammates's heads to deal 300 damage and instakill them.

Ruinous effigy Enjoyer: *turns them into a ball and dunks it ball onto a super, instakilling it.*
by Ruinous Effigy Enjoyer September 13, 2022
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