"The Ramp" is when, while defecating, you partially submerge your hand in the toilet water at an angle so that the deuce hits your hand and then rolls into the water with nary a sound.
Today I used The Ramp to shit silently
by Muhkuh August 6, 2013
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dont fuck around,to get straight to da point
'dont ramp wid me boi'
by vanessa January 2, 2004
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To sit around and do nothing and then complain about it.
"What are you up to?" "Not much bro, just ramping."
by cops22 September 28, 2011
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A relatively new feature on high-end paintball markers:
The player simply presses the trigger 5 times a second for the first second, then the marker will speed up to a 15 balls per second rate of fire after the first second.

This has caused much controversy as it is being allowed in some professional paintball leagues, even though fully automatic fire is not, and ramping, at its core, is not a semi-automatic rate of fire, the only rate of fire previously allowed.

Ramping is generally considered a crutch of weak players and cheaters who don't have the skill or dexterity to shoot their markers at a fast rate of fire without having to rely on ramping or automatic fire.
by PeaTearGriffin August 31, 2005
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In the upper mid-west of USA this refers to a parking garage
It's raining lets use the ramp today.
by batsteg November 4, 2010
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