Title given to someone who is drunk to the point of being on the floor. The person incoherent and unable to communicate with anyone else. The only way to relinquish the title from ones self is for someone else to be drunk enough to earn the title. That person will then be deemed 'The Puddle'.
Dude, that Bob Reddy was liquid last night. He truly was 'The Puddle'!
by Tank Abbott April 30, 2011
Puddled is a slang word used in England's north midlands (and possibly further north) to mean that someone is mad, stupid, or unpredictable.
"his missis is as puddled as fuck, but I'd still give 'er one"
by Antman of NZ April 14, 2016
Female chode; wider than it is deep.
Your mate Jim has a chode; he’d be ideal for your friend Jane, she’s got a rite puddle.
by The Chuddler? December 31, 2020
Tripping extremely hard on LSD. Thoughts and senses amist. Could be scary or pleasant. Commonly used in the hippy culture.
Man, I was puddled during the second set of that Phish concert. I didn't recognize any of my friends and thought Jerry Garcia had risen from the dead and taken the stage.
by mcword October 21, 2006
Puddle can refer to taking a large quantity of liquid LSD. Instead of the normal one or two drops, a cupped hand is filled with acid and drank by the experiencer.
I got puddled last night, and I'm still tirpping.
by DementedOne June 2, 2006
Pants that are too long to be considered flood pants (clam diggers) but are still slightly too short for the person attempting to wear them. Stepping in puddles is a good test to see if your pants are considered puddles
"Derek, I see you've worn your puddles today, did you get dressed in the dark?"
by Design Hell! December 4, 2009
When a large amount of liquid LSD is squirted directly into the mouth. This is typically done during shows at music festivals, where exact measurement isn't easy. Buyers will pay to have the drug dropped in their mouth, but sometimes the dealers they will give significantly more than 1 drop. Whether from tripping themselves, or to just mess with someone they will give the recipient much more than they had paid for or were expecting to get.

Puddling typically involves anywhere from 15-30 hits (1-2 hits is a normal amount) and frequently results in ego death, a complete separation of the mind from the body. With acid in these amounts it is also easy for one to slip into a bad trip.

Doses in these amounts can have acute effects for up to 24 hours and sometimes residual effects that can last for months, known as Hallucinogen persisting perception.
Eric got puddled at the campsite by some wook and had an ego death! He said he "love-hates" the guy who did it and wants to "punch-kiss" him in the face. He was still tripping when he said that about 12 hours after he peaked.
by FriendlyChemist February 27, 2017