Take a piece of shit, freeze it, stab someone with the frozen shit, and fuck the whole made by stabbing them with the frozen shit.
I gave Nancy "The Poopsicle" and now she's in the ER!
Rob, you're fucked up.
by ObamasAnkles February 9, 2011
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Frozen dagger of feces used by hobos to fend off wild animals and ghosts. Also known as a poopshank.
The poopsicle inflicted massive damage and the hobo was able to escape into the night.
by HoboShank February 9, 2012
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If you live up North, where it snows a lot, this is what becomes of what your dog leaves in your yard during the wintertime.
The kids had to be careful making their snowman, so that it would not incorporate any poopsicles.
by Kalisiin January 15, 2011
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A poop that literally freezes half way out the hole, so you have to use either your hands to pull it out, or even use an ice pick to break the ice stuck in your ass.
You know it's time to turn on the heat when you get a poopsicle.
by Tom Cruise's Straight Jacket September 6, 2010
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A frozen piece of poop, stuck in a stick and then eaten for pleasure!
Man, do you know what your eating?
No, what?
Your eating a poopsicle!
by Saugy January 27, 2005
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You are probably board to death if you look up this word, anyways, a poopsicle is an icicle made from frozen diarrhea.
Timmy had a diarrhea outside in freezing cold weather now it has become a poopsicle.
by Nathan Bailey January 25, 2023
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