The act of "plopping" one's dick upon the lover or desired ones head, therefore creating heavy sexual tension and presenting your junk in a romantic manner.
"The bitch said I had to be more romantic so I gave her the plop."
by Pateysalad September 26, 2015
A plop plop is a poo. This is name originates from the sound that a poo makes when it falls into the toilet. Plop plop smells really bad.
I just did a big brown plop plop on your momma's face!
by Pootalker March 10, 2005
A type of rectal excretion that leaves the body with great force, excessive gaseousness, and copious amounts of fecal liquids.
That hot sauce really messed me up! First thing the next morning, I hit the toilet with a harsh case of the plops.
by terminal2 February 5, 2008
To lay your junk upon an item.
He just plopped on my 3ds.
by March 12, 2021
The sound one makes when one drops a ploppy-poo into a body of water.
Heave... heave... PLOP! Ahhh...
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 19, 2003
After two men docked (The act of placing the head of one's penis inside the foreskin of another's penis).

The men can now perform Plopping. The act of pulling apart the penises and creating a Plop noise.
What's that noise? - Oh it's just james and peter plopping ..
by JANNE BANAN October 16, 2010
The sound your shit makes when it hits the toilet water.
"I was taking a huge shit and the plops were so loud"
by coco2001h April 29, 2020