While having sex, you surprise your partner with the line, "I have AIDS", and then orgasm as he or she cries hysterically.
In the heat of passion, Johan gave Maria the Philadelphia, and the sex was good.
by EnricoFermi April 24, 2009
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Philadelphia isn't just a city that lies between the shadows of New York and Washington, it is a city where the Eagles are the topic of dinner conversation year round. It is where a meal consists of a cheesesteak, Natty light, soft pretzels,
and Tasty Kakes for dessert. It is where there is a Wawa on every corner, and you look forward to the 1st day of Spring when Rita's gives out free "wooder" ice. It is where you know it's a hoagie, not a sub and the shore, not the beach. Most importantly, where everyone is brothers and it is ok to say hello to someone you don't know if they are a birds fan. That is Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love... Outsiders will never understand
by eagles 2004 December 6, 2004
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Like any large city, it is hard to define Philadelphia in just one way. It has its rich neighborhoods like Society Hill and it has a lot of poor neighborhoods. Just read the history of Philadelphia and you will respect the city and realize other cities don't even come close. No, its not fancy or glitzy, but thats why I believe it is a great city. It has integrity, like the hard working people in the city. In the USA, it might be the most historically influential city. It was the first capital, and was home to the first hospital, zoo, stock exchange, public library, public grammar school, public volunteer fire department, university, bank, computer, modern sky scraper, and the list goes on. Still want to disrespect this city?

-And by the way, the only reason "The Real World" initially cancelled shooting in Philly was because of the Unions. With that worked out, it is coming back and filming this spring.
The present status of Philadelphia might not be as impressive as its history, but it can only improve from this point.
by Philarch April 14, 2004
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A place where you will get beat up if you make fun of the eagles.
Philadelphia has some of the most devoted football fans in the country.
by dave000 February 20, 2007
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Philadelphia is a city unlike any other. Ran by sports, completely unhealthy food, violence and beer this city is home to some of the best people you will ever find...if you are from here. Outsiders are never welcome and if you are a fan of any other football team besides the eagles, you will have a tough time simply walking down the street. The city pulls together hopes for every season and continually has their hearts shattered every year. People not from Philadelphia claim the inhabitants are the worst in the country, however if you are a local you would never want to live anywhere else. Home to friendships that you could never find in another part of the country, this city has a sense of pride to it that is unmatched anywhere. During the summer, a trip to the shore you are guaranteed to see at least 10 people from your neighborhood and there is no question you will be drunk for about 80% of the time you are there. Besides Canada, this may be the only other place that is hurting without hockey because it is often painful to watch the sixers and phillies play. Finally, Philadelphia’s reputation of not being the city of brotherly love will be further reinforced after the unparalleled riots that will occur after the eagles win the super bowl.
ginley lives at pollock
by the boy April 13, 2005
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no wonder it has cream cheese named after it and no wonder it holds the liberty bell cause it is the best.
by Khazzmirah February 20, 2004
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Ok Ok...That's enough of the Philadelphia bashing. I live in Northeast Philadelphia and it is beautiful.Its very friendly,clean etc.(Somerton,Chalfont,Morell)What about Old City? Is that not nice either? I think people just hear about the bad parts of a city and disregard all the good. I understand, since i live in the northeast, I do not know much about north Philly aka "badlands" but I know that is the home to some people that really are trying to get their lives together and really do take pride in the city. Also, maybe people don't understand that children can be born into insufficient households and they grow up in these neighborhood and learn that way of life. What do you expect? Come on people, the world is not perfect here. There will always be violence, drugs, uneducated people etc wherever you go. It's a viscious cycle but its real, and you can either cry and complain or live with it or stay out. I won't deny that it's not the best idea for me to go to north philly and hang on a corner being an 18 year old white girl from the NE, but i respect that. What about center city? It supplies thousands of people with great jobs. What about the universities that students from all over the country come to go to? Temple University being one of then STRAIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF NORTH PHILLY...and it's an amazing school. There is Drexel, LaSalle, University of Pennsylvania. We have some amazing museums, a zoo, and great shops in center city. The club life can be a good time too. Del ave and old city are the places to party! So don't listen to all of the negative, it's really a good time here! I promise!
There are some really beautiful hotels down in center city, great food, Penns Landing, every possible club, museums, schools, universities, the zoo, places to shop, 2 AWESOME new stadiums and really friendly people that still believe in the city! Good Times.
by Ann February 18, 2004
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