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Stands for The Pastey Penis Club. Refers to groups of young white males who all huddle together to expound on their ideals and make decisions amongst themselves at Occupy events. They tend to break up and reconvene in a new, more distant place when you try and get them to do any real work or ask them to participate in the General Assembly (unless they get to be facilitator.) Generally the PPC behaves as though they are the only ones who are working to change the world, all while finding ways not to do the "working" part. A member of the PPC is a Pastey Penis Pal (PPP or Pcubed).
"Where did your boyfriend go, we are trying to get everyone ready to march!"
*looks around* "Ah shit, he joined the PPC, this is going to take a while...."
by Moveyourassguys October 31, 2011
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