Planning 10.One of the worst ideas ever to come to B.C. school boards. It is a mandatory course for grade 10 only.It has a clever concept (resumes, first jobs, financial plans). However, the assignments like YPI ( Youth and Philanthropy Initiative )where you have to go and find a small charity, go all the way out to the middle of nowhere to get answers to your questions, work 5 hours on the presentation, and end up with a C. Planning 10 needs no effort, or attention. Just do a half-ass job on the "assignments" and you MAY pass.
"Gross, I have Planning today"

"Fuck, we had Planning homework?"

by Clare Nolan August 29, 2008
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business jargon that represents the fact that no one knows what the fuck they are doing
We can't commit to that yet, we need to develop a plan for the plan first.
by FlatGreenBall February 26, 2021
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Dutch needs 1 more score for his plan to work you just need more faith
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The biggest fans of Gross Gore, known for spamming WideHardo
Yo, did you see what The Plan did? They were spamming that chat with WideHardo's.
by THE PLAN WIDEHARDO June 02, 2019
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Some people have these. One in particular, a man called Dutch Van Der Linde, is not one of these people. Any person called Dutch claiming to have a plan is better at bullshitting than actually formulating a solution.
"I got a plan. This is a good one."
-Dutch Van Der Linde, shortly before jumping off a cliff. Twice.
by Marsayde February 18, 2019
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1. A plot, a schedule, or scheme
2. Hashish, marijuana
Stalin on the meeting with his army generals, walking back and forth and smoking his pipe
Stalin: -Comrade Zhukov, is it your plan?
Zhukov: -Yes, Comrade Stalin!
Stalin, having a good puff: -Comrade Zhukov, you have a great plan!
by dildo777 October 20, 2018
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