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"Protectors of the Plot Continuum". They hate Mary-Sues, and the Mary-Sues' authors hate them right back. But they don't care, because they're literate and talented, and many of the Suethors are of the "omg ur soooo m33n" sort.

Basically, a PPCer makes up a character (or Agent), whom they write travelling into bad fanfiction and killing the Mary-Sues, occasionally with a spork. Then the agent goes back into PPC HQ and drinks bleepka. The PPC is divided into two sections, which themselves consist of several different departments.

One section, Action, controls the actual operations. It contains departments such as Mary-Sues, Bad Slash, Implausible Crossovers, and so on. The other section, Infrastructure, deals with matters closer to home, including the departments Medical and Sufficiently Advanced Technology, and the PPC general store and cafeteria.

There is also a mysterious department known as the DIO. The DIO does not exist. Nor does it police the PPC itself. It most certainly was not founded in the ruins of the DIS, which was gotten rid of towards the end of the period of the PPC’s history known as the Reorganization.

Each department is headed by one of the Flowers that Be, and the PPC as a whole is governed by the Sunflower Official. He is a sunflower in a smart suit.

It's all very amusing and fun, despite the odd troll or screaming hissy fit, and some Suethors even improve after getting con crit from a PPCer.

Fanfiction.net, otherwise known as ‘the Pit of Voles’, seems to have a rule against PPCings. The mods there have no sense of fun.
"teh ppc ruined my fig omg theyre so evil!!!11 anyway my fics better than that tolkein person i went one beter & n gave legolas a betufil wife anyway the ppc suck"

"I'm a member of the PPC."
by Carol Anne Parma September 28, 2006
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A phrase for anyone who seems able to do anything, or able to do something amazing and uber.

Comes from the comic Shortpacked!, in which it was used to describe Batman.
"Dude, did Iroh just firebend LIGHTNING??"
"He's the Dragon of the West! He can breathe in space!"
by Carol Anne Parma February 16, 2007
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A formerly brillant site which has now spiralled into a sad pile of crappy Mary-Sues, pointless, restrictive rules, and endless server problems. Nevertheless, it still seems to have a monopoly on about 99% of fanfic writers on the Internet, though you have to trawl through a heap of Sueage to get to anything decent.

Fanfiction.net annoyingly bans, among other things: stories in script-form, stories in second-person (or "you-fics"), fics involving real people, and anything they deem "interactive", up to and including responding to readers' questions. As a member of the PPC once declared of scriptform: "If it was good enough for Shakespeare, it's good enough for fanfiction."

It also doesn't support many punctuation marks, such as *, <, >, , , and /, despite several of these being vital to certain fandoms, for example as the <> "thought-speech" speech marks in the Animorphs fandom. It also removes any links or email addresses in stories.

The site furthers its bad reputation by randomly banning a lot of really good stories for absolutely no reason. Its reporting system also doesn't seem to be regulated, as it can and has happened that one person has reported another's story because of a grudge rather than the story having anything wrong with it, resulting in the story's unfair deletion.

Fanfiction.net is popularly known as "the Pit of Voles", or just the Pit. Have you ever heard the saying that a thousand monkeys working at a thousand typewriters would eventually produce the works of Shakespeare? Well, if that's true, then common wisdom is that whatever's writing the stories on ff.net can't be monkeys.
"I went on fanfiction.net and they'd deleted 'Harry Potter and the Battle of Wills'!"
"No! But it's at a really good bit!"
by Carol Anne Parma September 28, 2006
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The most cool and brilliant magazine EVAR. They keep printing one of the writers topless. And placing someone/something on the front cover strategically so that the title appears to be "SEX". I swear they do that on purpose.

Oh, yeah, and it's about science fiction or something.
"Why are you reading a porno mag in school?"
"*sigh* For the last time, it's called SFX. And while we're at it, you can stop laughing at the 'Frodo was tense, erect' line in Lord of the Rings."
by Carol Anne Parma September 27, 2006
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