The only city on earth where one can walk from asia to europe, or the other way around.
by olvidomiamor December 24, 2004
Very old city which had many names throught the history like Byzantium, Byzantion, Nova Roma, Constantinople and Istanbul. There are many historical remains from every era, many churches from both Constantinople era and Ottoman period, few churches converted to mosques while many new churches build (Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, etc) during the Ottoman period.
There are many other names coined to istanbul like islambol, sevenhills, dersaadet...
by Palamutorik October 19, 2004
A big city of Turkey which is known by lots of idiots as the capital of Turkey.
Merve: Which city is the capital of Turkey?
John: Istanbul.
Merve: No idiot, it's Ankara.
John: Ohh...
by hortlak September 10, 2011
It's one of the gorgeous cities in the world which is in Turkey.
by selinsel April 6, 2010
Even old New York was once New Amsterdam... Why they changed it, I can't say. People just liked it better that way?
So take me back to Constantinople
It's in Istanbul, not Constantinople
Been a long time gone from Constantinople
Why did Constantinople get the works?
That's nobody's business but the Turks.
by Left Ventricle October 22, 2005
The only place that "I feel home". Everybody wants to leave the known faces and known faces behind one day, and I can leave any face any place behind but Istanbul... it's my addiction.

And it's strange that people around the world is more likely to know the name of the city -Istanbul- more than the country Turkey.
It is like knowing Chicago and thinking that it's a state rather than a city of the state Illinois.

Yes, it used to be the capital of Turkey but back in the history it was shifted to Ankara which was a safer place geographically and strategically.

by Godmotha August 24, 2006
istanbul,, timeless city!!
1stanbul,not Istanbul ;)
by aybars June 11, 2007