A colloquial name for a guy that can provide stats about any sports team and wakes up to a fart sound.
Me to a friend: "The Nugs was napping on the couch and I farted a wake-up alarm for him"
by Jivefool May 11, 2020
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The common gesture made by Pingu to indicate anger, happiness or frustration.
by xseed November 18, 2008
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A person who is adorable and just sqooshable and you just wanna cuddle and just in general a nugget <3
Omg , you’re such a nug nug <3
by Serenity dino April 18, 2019
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A nugget of marijuana, always of high quality, and a sign of fine buds. Nuggets do not exist in schwag or ditch weed.
"I'll sleep in my mini-van, I just need to use this as a place to bust out my nug nugs!" -Doug on Weeds.
by Rufus A. Jones July 10, 2008
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tagalog (philippines) slang for the derogatory term, "nigger".
turn off that nug-nug music!

why are you with that nug-nug?

get away from me, nug-nug!

by nahtsch July 10, 2008
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Slang term for fast food chicken nuggets. Typically only used when bought in large quantities
Bro 1: "Hey bro, McDonalds has that sale of 50 nug-nugs for 3 bucks!"

Bro 2: "What the hell are we waitin' on bro? I'm cravin some nug-nugs right now!
by thetoken1992 October 31, 2011
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a word for someone who is jaw-droppingly retarded. eats rocks on a daily basis. loves rugby, pratting lasses (while unconsious) and getting stoned. can be rapey at times but everyone loves him/her
Alfie: george sanderson is such a nug-nug
george sanderson: arrggggghhhhhhhh your horrible to es *munching on pebbles*
Alfie: oh do one ya backward mongo
by mbb January 14, 2020
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