-An animated penguin who was seen in the old TV show by the name of Pingu
Isnt Pingu the penguin who is known to say "Noot noot!"?
by Sirenn December 24, 2016
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A cute penguin from an oldish kids' show. It was animated in clay-animation...
A really fun word to say in a GIR voice.
by Khito January 26, 2004
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1. The granddaddy UBER-PIMP of all cartoons. It is tied with Looney Tunes.

2. The main character of above cartoon.
Just watch the damn show. It is FUNNY AS HELL.
by Psydon September 14, 2004
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1. The main protagonist that stars in a clay animated kids TV show.
2. An mlg quickscoper.
1. My favourite character is Pingu from that kids TV show "Pingu"
2. I'm such a Pingu
by CatNinja62 November 14, 2018
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Penguins being one of the only mammals who have a single life partner. However when the male is out hunting, the female has been known to exchange sexual favours with other penguins in return for small pebbles for their nest. Hence using the character name from Pingu, which is a BAFTA award-winning British-Swiss stop-motion claymated television series created by Otmar Gutmann, of a penguin. Therefore the term Pingu, is given to a female who exudes slut-like quailities.
Person 1: Hey, that girl will sleep with anyone!
Person 2: Yeah I know. What a Pingu!
by ArchLane October 8, 2013
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Pertaining to video games: A person(s) who spends excessive amounts of money on free-to-play games to use particular services/additions in excess, usually using their purchases on universally considered wasteful, useless, or otherwise unreasonable things, usually pushed to becoming a pingu via in-game events to exploit.
"I just spent $200 dollars on this game to get a bunch of gems for the Arena bonuses."

"But why don't you just wait until you can get into Arena normally?"

"Because I'm a pingu. Also because it's 10% more Arena points for the next day."
by Gabranthe August 3, 2016
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