It's a racial code phrase used as a warning to others.
by TN07 September 10, 2007
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"Molly, Sammy time for bed!"

"Okay, Mom and Dad, night night"
by jsmith942 July 10, 2008
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What someone says right before they kill you.
"I didn't get the file, Jim."
*loads gun
"Night night."
by whereisdatboi February 12, 2017
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A covert, stealthily disguised term of endearment used to fervently intimate the attractiveness of a female, often emphasized with reckless, pre-pubescent enthusiasm. In cases of extreme glamour and beauty, occasionally pronounced with a heightened focus on sustaining vocal droning and amplitude on the letter "I".
She's a "Night!"
OMG dude, she is a frickin Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
by Charitable Disguise October 12, 2019
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The time when most people sleep, but also get drunk, have sex, have parties, playing video games, finishing last minute work, and really not sleep. Not much different from daytime, people wise
Jake:Whatcha do last night?
Jack:Uhh... "Sleep"
Last Night...
Oh yeah, do it you slut!
by Controlfreak October 25, 2014
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when the time comes, or when the occasion arises.
when learning to be zombies in Shaun of The Dead, Dianna ask's Ed to do his zombie impression and he says "i'll do it on the night."
by a-paz November 12, 2007
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-commonly used in South Florida
Bro she was totally mad last night
-What did she say
Anyways night”

-dang bro she noticed you left her on delivered
by Souf-Florida bro July 16, 2020
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