Delicious sandwich made of Kielbasi Loaf, fried egg, Cooper Sharp cheese, and hot sauce all served on a National Bakery Roll. Great for anytime of the day or night. A sure hangover cure.
"Man, I got plowed last night."

"Lemme get you The Newman, and you'll feel fine"

by L0NEW0lf41 February 11, 2010
An act in which a male inserts his penis into the females bellybutton, penetrating the skin. Warning Dangerous....may result in bloodshed
Disclaimer - for innie's only
Danny: Man I totally gave Brogan The Newman last night
Nick: Man you're sick!....Did she bleed?
by Stuart T February 27, 2008
Having tons of intellectual potential, but not using it because of some motivational disorder, such as ADHD or laziness.
A: Did you finish that assignment?
B: No. I couldn't focus.
A: I think you're coming down with Newmanitis.
by sofatfatso October 26, 2009
Newman is not an aquatic animal but in fact a living breathing human. Newman usually have exceptionally good looks, which make people hate on him. Sometimes Newman's looks can even get the boys to turn gay towards him. Even though Newman sometimes gets bullied, he is still a strong individual. Newman is an overall great person and someone you should definitely hook up with if you get the chance. Most of the time, Newman is used as a surname, but people who have Newman as a surname are betas. People who have Newman as their first name are the true alphas. Newmans' usually have the best taste of music. If he recommends you a song you should definitely listen to it.
Person 1: Damn I hate this bitch Newman, he's stealing all the hoes. I don't want his sloppy seconds.
by artifishal November 16, 2019
Jerry's arch-enemy on Seinfeld.
Chunky Wrappers? Newman!
by Adrian September 16, 2006

Deliberately misunderstanding an interlocutor, in bad faith, with the intention of mischaracterizing said interlocutor’s position in order to morally impugn her/him


Misrepresenting a given position of an interlocutor and committing her/him more to bizarre and/or morally reprehensible ones.

(Esp. if the given position is a descriptive one, and it is misrepresented as a prescriptive one)

After an interlocutor has taken a given position (as indicated by an action, set of actions, part of a statement, a statement, and/or a set of statements), prefacing with an indicator that the following mischaracterization is in fact an accurate representation of the position (e.g. "so, what you're saying is..."), and them misrepresenting the position, esp. when a neutral descriptive position is misrepresented as a bizarre and/or reprehensible prescriptive position.



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"So you're saying"
*Bad faith misunderstanding*
"in your research,women are unhappy"
"dominating men"
*morally impugning(J's SexRel descriptions as vulgar D/s prescriptions)*


Here:a pic of you with a Pepe flag;Pepe is called a hate symbol by the Left
You're a.deliberately misunderstanding what Pepe is & what it stands for,b.mischaracterizing me as shamefully complicit in,or ignorant of what what you think Pepe really means&overstating the judgement of the Left;&c.morally impugning me implying I support hate:ergo Newmanning


Anti-"Chain Migrant"(CM) Conservatives want to remove from Americans the right to sponsor family
The more American your family is,the less you possess "right" to sponsor CM.There's a net negative impact from a "right" to sponsor CM, including nepotism.
So,your concept of 'real' Americans is those who aren't immigrants or their families.Only Natives apply.Racist

Think before castigating.If you're a US citizen but your family members aren't,you get to sponsor them as CM.If they're Americans,however,you don't have any privilege to sponsor CM. When you say"So,your concept of",it's to preface a deliberate bad-faith misunderstanding,equivalent to"what you're saying is"; when you say"your concept of 'real' Americans is those who aren't immigrants or their families.Only Natives apply",it's mischaracterizing my position; when you say"Racist", it's to morally impugn me:you Newmanner
by NewmannerExtraordinaire February 7, 2018
Jerry Seinfelds Arch nemises
Hello Jerry

Hello Newman
by cory lahey March 2, 2008