Something a guy experiences for a few days after making out/hooking up with a girl. While infected with the morning afters, the guy will ignore the girl in question for fear of awkward conversation. This could last for weeks.
Girl 1: Me and rick made out at that party the other night
Girl 2: Awesome!
Girl 1: Yeah, but he won't answer my texts. I think he's got the morning afters!
Girl 2: That is terrible!
by ricky bobby 68 September 14, 2009
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the time when you wake up, usually after a drunken night, that you realize the problem that was made last night. Random dude is passed out in your bed, drooling on your pillow.
girl one; omg! some naked guy in my bed!
girl two; I told you not to take him home! you were gone!
girl one; shit. this is an awesome morning after..
by taytar January 25, 2009
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The time when a girl who has had some of the best sex in her life wakes up, puts her hand in her hair, gives it a little fluff, then places her hand betwen her legs and begins to play with herself thinking about the slam that went between her thighs the night before

Also: The time when a girl who has had some of the worst sex in her life wakes up with one of the biggest scowls on her face, angry about the night before, looks at the person next to her, contemplates spitting and then gets up to leave to go play with herself to make up for the night of horrid playtime the night before
The Morning After, Jennette woke up after her night of wild sex with Ricky, looked at his beautiful sleeping face, smilled, layed back down and placed her fingers in her folds and marveled at the wetness that still residing and was still happening

Carla woke up after her night of horrid sex with James and ran to the bathroom and pulled out a dildo LOL
by MeanFaceGrrrrrr11 December 28, 2011
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Not to be mistaken for the birth control method The Morning Afteris a band from Bethlehem CT
Consisting of Sam , Nick, Bert, Ben (see jewummer ) and Benny T
They are extremly talented in not only music but in other feilds of study such as Arabian Arithmetic Theroy or Nuclear Plasmoid Differntial Science

They are very very very talented
"Dude I saw The Mornign After the other day"
"Yeah I almost shat myself"
by Sharpie February 5, 2005
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This is the excuse one comes up with the morning after they stayed out late watching a sporting advent, or went out and partied to hard. Often a lame , last minuted excuse that no one buys into. More than likely excessive drinking, and cocaine have a role in ones lifestyle.
Joe's morning after excuse was weak as usual. Obviously the Eagles played last night.

Papa doesn't even need a morning after excuse. He reeks of liquor.
by 7mary3 September 16, 2014
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The name for the process in which you have a big bowel movement after a long night of drinking
I woek uip at that party and had a huge morning after dump
by APfromMSP June 27, 2005
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A pill used the morning after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. Can be used up to 72 hours after fucking. Works like a charm!
Chris: Hey and my girlfriend finally did it last night
Jeff: Really? Did you use protection
Chris: Nope she's gonna take the morning after pill
Jeff: Nicee
by Desi+Gwen July 17, 2006
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