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Not to be mistaken for the birth control method The Morning Afteris a band from Bethlehem CT
Consisting of Sam , Nick, Bert, Ben (see jewummer ) and Benny T
They are extremly talented in not only music but in other feilds of study such as Arabian Arithmetic Theroy or Nuclear Plasmoid Differntial Science

They are very very very talented
"Dude I saw The Mornign After the other day"
"Yeah I almost shat myself"
by Sharpie February 5, 2005
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Small college town in Wyoming. Home of the University and the COWBOYS! Only the degenerates and sheep actually care about them though, only because everyone else does. FOLLOW THE MASSES! Laramie tries really hard to be 'cool' but fails miserably.
'I go to school in Laramie. I hate this shit hole. Everyone is always drunk here in Laramie.'
'Larmie is pretty in the fall. Thats all it's good for.'
by Sharpie December 15, 2004
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When you are having sex with a girl on a beach.
Then you pull out cover your dick with sand and ram it back into her vagina
It will feel like you rammed a rusty nail up inside her
by Sharpie February 28, 2005
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standing over a chicks head and taking a large diahrea on her face
i gave shannon a big gumdrop
by Sharpie June 17, 2006
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Derived from the combination of the three words Jewish Insane Drummer the jewummer is habitual to CT and can be seen at locations such as the Empress or Webster.
Very protective of themselves when there Jewish Inhertinace is insulted but this does not refrain them form eating pork and pork products
"I saw a Jewummer at this club the other night he was playing in this band called The Morning After"
by Sharpie February 5, 2005
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Fast, loud, dangerous and deadly when cocked
"Don't fuck with Handgunn or he will personally gouge out your eyeballs and skullfuck you........You look like a boxer!"
by Sharpie February 7, 2005
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A guy with good taste in music
Often seen with The Wolves or playing drums, DDR, or Counter Strike He will own you and your mama
And he always gets a the Ooo Ahh....
Oh and he has tattoos
Person One:"What the crap!?!? Who was that?"
Person Two:"Handgunn and he just owned your ass"
by Sharpie February 4, 2005
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