The megaman is when you spit on your hand and then stick it in your girl's p***y and close ur hand like a fist and start making a firing motion with your arms while going "pew!! pew!!"
Chris: DUDE! i did the "The megaman" on my girl last night!
Tony: NICE!!!

Jon: My girlfriend loves old skool video games so i decided to do the "The megaman" on her
Chris: nice one she like it?
Jon: Hellz yeah she was sigma! She had it CUMMING. XDD
by Jizz on yo face July 22, 2009
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The best video game series ever, sometimes spelled Mega Man though.
Megaman kicks ass!
by Smoke January 9, 2003
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A robot created by Dr. Light to defend the earth in the 20XX era against Dr. Wily's (Dr. Light's previous lab assistant) repeated attempts of global domination. He does so armed with a plasma cannon on one arm and thrusters equipped into his boots. He also works with ocassional assistance form his 'little sister', Roll, his robotic dog, Rush, and his 'older brother', Protoman.

*NOTE: In Japan, Megaman is Rockman and Protoman is Blues. This line of naming runs along musical themes: Blues, Rock and Roll. Forte/Bass joins the series later on. Support units Rush, Tango, Beat, and Gospel/Treble also fit this name basis.
"The Blue Bomber's come to ruin Wily's plans again!"
by Synchro September 14, 2003
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When you defeat or kill an enemy, and take their weapons or powers.
Dave was totally Megamanning when he killed the guy trying to mug him and took his gun.
by isaninja17 August 7, 2010
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The name of a popular video game series developed by the company called Capcom, and the main character after whom the game is named. Originally started by Capcom, the game's main character is a small, blue robot boy weilding an energy gun on either hand. (Though he is only known to use one hand at any given time.) Originally, this character started out as a lab assistant built by a man named Dr. Light, but after an evil Scientst named Dr. Wily attempted to conquer the world with six Robot Masters, Rock volunteered to be transformed into a fighting machine to save the world. The MegaMan series has grown into an impressively large collection of games, several spin-off series, and many, many side games.

It's also important to note that the MegaMan series started in Japan under the name "RockMan". It was later dubbed into "MegaMan" When it was translated, and brought to other nations, especially the United States.
1. MegaMan is a great game series! I'm the ultimate fan!

2. Fight, MegaMan... for everlasting peace!
by Dray84 January 22, 2005
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Verb. Used in reference to the video game Megaman, specifically when the main character takes damage, and is invincible for a short period of time to allow for recovery. This short invincibility is exploitable to advance beyond particularly difficult areas of the game.
Bro, Megaman it!
by JonnyMono August 8, 2010
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An extremely popular side scrolling action game developed by the company Capcom (CAPsule COMputer is the official name). This game featured a boy named Rock (in Japan, the game is titled RockMan) dressed in a blue suit and helmet who fires plasma bullets at various robotic fiends. Rock eventually earned the title Megaman (or RockMan, for Japanese gamers). The ultimate goal of Megaman is to crush the evil forces of Dr. Albert Wily and his evil robot masters. A special feature of Megaman is to steal his opponent's weapon after defeating them in battle. This game has a large number of games and spin-offs based on this game.
After destroying Quick Man, Megaman absorbed his energy and created the Quick Boomerang.
by RBXfromdashow July 11, 2004
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