When you nut on a girls chest and you bear hug covering both you and her
Yo I heard you gave Megan a mayonnaise teddy bear?
Hell yeah dude, it was gross but kinda hot.
by BabyWhiteSeal July 30, 2019
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Some Bullshit Morgan made up with her friend and now she thinks its an entire movement.
You are such a Mayonnaise Warrior. Imagine not liking cock sliding down your throught
by cockdevourer88 July 21, 2020
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It's where you take your clothes off, take a few big jars of mayonnaise pour them on your partner's body's. After you rub it really good on their skin EVERYWHERE. Then you wrestle for the time of your life, make sure your tired first, one that has the most mayonnaise left on their body wins.
How bout we try the new mayonnaise wrestling game next week, wonder if it tastes good.. hmm?
by Giraffes game March 5, 2017
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When a condom filled with semen is whipped across someones butt.
I totally whipped mayonnaise on her back last night.
by roamingsloth May 8, 2016
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often used after one has pulled something incredible off, and jacked off right after.

originally coined in the latest video as of writing this, made by youtuber named SimpleFlips, named "TOADETTE HAS THE CAR SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 - WALKIES at 9:40.
man, that basketball game was barely pulled off, i need to have a victory mayonnaise
by poop cruncher November 6, 2020
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