"LARGE DILLSNICK". A word used to describe a man's unusually large penis.
Bro her eyes opened wide when I pulled out the L.D.
by AVNX September 22, 2007
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Lethal Dosage. L.D. is a pharmacological term used by the medical industry to standardize the toxicity of chemicals, specifically. In huge medical books, medical scientists and doctors have a standardisation for every single thing that you can possibly have in your body.
The man was slipped arsenic, which is L.D. 100.
by Dybbuk March 9, 2005
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You have to use small words because Beckys l.d.
by konichiwakitty August 15, 2003
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Nickname for some one that drinks way too much,or is an alcoholic. I.e: Liver Damage.
"When I saw that girl throwing up in the bathroom i yelled, 'are you alright L.D?'"
"I saw the town L.D today."
by K$dawg October 22, 2008
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L.D. Has an amazing personality. He knows how to have a good laugh and have a good time. He's always there to cheer you up when you feel blue. He cusses a bunch and even talks dirty sometimes, but he's super cool. And the one thing he will never do is let down his girl. He always lets her know he loves her and wouldn't do anything to hurt that.
Girl 1: That guy is such a L.D.
Girl 2: I know! I wish he liked me though!
by Br111_th3_b43 March 4, 2015
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Lethal Dose 50%-----Kills 50% of the test subjects.
This new perscription is L.D. 50
by Tyrant666 April 9, 2007
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Special Educational Center in the Hurst area of Texas that is open to the disabled and weak/mentally ill. Has gained fame after being the first school to allow kids with down syndrome to form a Football Club within the HEBISD District and Mid-Cities Football Program.
"L.D Bell High School is a prestigious school within HEBISD that is known for their astounding football team!"
by KHAN77887 June 14, 2023
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