A very unfortunate incident in which a man (or woman) performes cunnalingus and the recieving woman menstrates on the man. This obviously results in the giver having a red "mask". Following this, the giver shouts "OH YEAH!" and runs through the wall. Like the old Kool Aid advertisements.
"The Kool Aid" is a very risky meneuver, make sure that you do not hit a stud in the wall, or do it above the first floor.
by Dustin D March 26, 2008
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A drink available in a variety of flavors, mixed as a powder with water and sometimes sugar. Anyone growing up struggling financially, ergo living in the projects, would know that kool aid is not described by flavor, but by color, with the exception of grape. see below.
bb: ay white boy, want some kool aid?
wb: sure, what flavors you got?
bb: we got red, blue, and grape
wb: what flavor is red?
bb: its red.
wb: is it cherry?
bb: damn, i said it's red! do you want it or not?
by nat April 20, 2004
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(1)Say Nigga, while you are over there kool aidin', you could be over here helping me move this couch over to my baby-mom's.
(2)On the real, you really need to stop kool aidin' wit all them hoes; business is all f'd up.
by S. Dot June 29, 2004
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" You want some kool-aid?"
" Man you know I want some kool-aid"
by Dandridge Gangsta March 10, 2003
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A drink with a variety of flavors.
I don't understand why they gave the Tropical Punch Kool Aid a blue package. It's not blue, it's red. It's an actual rip-off.
by Liv Defines July 10, 2016
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The universal drink of the ghetto.
comes in many flavors such as grape, cherry, blueberry etc, but known to the ghetto natives as red, purple etc.

also used as a slang term to describe a situation.
You all up in my kool-aid and don't even know the flavor.

What kind of kool-aid do you want?...
by BETTY CROCKER June 26, 2006
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