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Taking advantage of a girl while giving yourself no pleasure. Also known as having a pussy.
Kyle: Dude, I totally KP-ed that bitch last night, her pussy was awesome!
Chris: Why don't you grow a dick and try to fuck her next time?

Adam: I would totally use The KP on that slut, no problem.
Brian: Dude is that considered rape?
by Big Poppa Don May 26, 2009
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The key peninsula A.K.A the KP. A small city in Washington state which has a very extensive history of drug use and rape. The “KP kids” (a name given to them by the “gig harbor kids”) have been in a 30 year gang type war. Many lives have been lost and many buttholes have been expanded.
Hey, wanna go to the KP?”
“No we might get enlarged buttholes then trip and fall on heroine needles.”
by God Shit November 19, 2017
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