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An absolute thot who can't keep a relationship for the life of her. Jackalyn Ramos, a bitch who goes to Farnsworth in Illinois. She originally planned on leaving school when she graduates the 8th grade and said she would be a stripper at night and probably work at Mcdonalds at day. She gave a boy a handjob before most likely for 1$-5$. I doubt her prices would get so high. Unlike her. You can literally smell the weed whenever you get close to her. She's friends with The Other C Word and The Y Word who I and almost everyone else think they won't graduate since their IQ combined is below 5 :)
Ew, Did you hear what Jackalyn did to him?
We don't talk about The J Word
Such a whore. In all honesty, I want to see her talk without choking on a dick :)
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by TheTeaSpiller August 09, 2018
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