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A semi-popular YouTuber. He creates videos that consist of cat-fishing desperate men as a persona called “AmandyXD.” He also makes videos explaining memes and addressing retarded memes or subjects.
“Hey man, who’s your favorite YouTuber?”
“Weest all the way.”
Ha, same.”
by —clemy— February 19, 2018
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Jacob West, or Weest, is a growing YouTube personality with nearly 300k subscribers, originally ammasing his following making roleplay videos under the alias “AmandyXD” for the purpose of catfishing perverts and pedophiles.
However, he has since moved on to making in-depth analysis videos about internet culture, or memes. These videos are usually on different genres of memes or variables that make memes unique.
Additionally, does variety streaming on twitch, streaming games like Doki Doki Literature Club, Wolfenstien II: The New Colossus, Subnautica, and more.
“I love Weest, his meme analysis videos are the best.”
by NoLifeKeku June 06, 2018
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You shout it to get soeones attention, or just cos you have mild tourettes.
"Weest, have you seen that?"
"Weestedy weest its fucking mint!"
by Andy Chap March 02, 2004
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