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A Scottish football club from Glasgow; The team calls itself Scottish but is very much against Scottish independence, preferring British rule as opposed to freedom.

The rangers Football Club is well know for it's history of football hooliganism and support of bigotry. This has led to UEFA imposed fines against the club for sectarian behavior during trips to Europe.

In direct contradiction to supporters beliefs, the club logo shows a royal blue football behind the royal coat of arms of Scotland (a red rampant lion). Although all rangers supporters are British unionists, monarchists and loyalists the club logo is in direct conflict with this understanding; however, most of the clubs supports find it difficult to understand the history of Scotland and therefore overlook this issue.

rangers supporters are often defined as British controlled conservative supporters of a team that is mediocre in the Scottish Premier League usually finishing the season in 2nd or 3rd position.
John: "did you see the old firm match last night?"

Bob: "yeah, Celtic won again 10-1, it's always good to see a match when the rangers fc score at least one goal, good on them, those British they never give up"
by felvert June 28, 2011
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