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The Horrors

Not Emos.
They're nothing like you've ever seen before.
Big hair, crazy antics.
Faris Badwan (Vocals), Joshua Third (Guitar), Coffin Joe (Drums), Spider Webb (Originally keyboard and Synth, now Bass) and Tomethy Furse (originally Bass, now Keyboard and Synth).
Their debut album Strange House was garage/punk. Their latest album, Primary Colours sounds more like Joy Division or Echo and The Bunnymen. They are AMAZING live. Wehn I saw them live, Faris commented on the stickiness of the floor for about 5 minutes, and the bugs in the purple light. Joshua was pulled into the crowd and had to retrived my an uppish roadie, who Faris then tried to choke with the Microphone lead.

I reccomend seeing them live. You will not be dissapointed.
I cannot convey how awesome The Horrors are. Give them a chance (:
by DaisyDOPE# June 07, 2009
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the coolest most stylish band in britain at the moment, they have big hair, skinny jeans and awesome their names are all crazy like coffin joe and faris rotter
also theyve got some pretty smart lyrics
there gonna be biiiig
1) sheena is a parasite, by the horrors, is an awesome song
by i_am_a_horror August 18, 2006
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The Horrors are one of the most influential bands to come out of England yet.
Legions of fans accompany thes five guys.
Faris Badwan or Faris Rotter.
Joshua Von Grimm or Joshua Third.
Coffin Joe.
Spider Webb.
Tomethy Furse.
1. The Horrors are renowned for their onstage antics; such as Faris climbing anything he can.
by Laire III April 02, 2007
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