Notorious wooded spot that shares borders with Crayford, Wilmington and Bexley in Kent, England.
After dark it becomes a spot for middle-aged men wearing caps and sunglasses to engage in gay sex and dogging amongst the trees.
"Did you just see those two men? They were walking onto the Heath carrying a plastic bag."

by Preset Mode May 2, 2006
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A sex act, upon which the male will give oral to the female, who is on her period. When sufficient blood is around his mouth the male will stop and whisper "Why so serious?". Named after the famous actor, Heath Ledger for his performance as the Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight.
"Did you see that guy go down on his girlfriend while she was on her period. He did The Heath and said 'Why so serious?' when he came up"
by I Invented This May 11, 2009
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The Heath -

n. - a belligerently wasted, out of control girl who throws chairs, kicks radiators, and doesn't know how to pop a squat

adv. - description of the actions of a girl who has drank too much to know where her house is, where her room is, and may ask if she can vomit on your toes

v. - the act of being out of control and too outrageous for words.
n. - After years of being trapped as a wifey, "the Heath" came out to play tonight and seems to have kicked her radiator out of her wall.

What a Heath, screaming at that homeless man to eat some Shwarmas

Heather, you're the Heath right now

The Heath came out last night and she made some questionable life decisions.

Stop being such a Heath!!

adv. - DeShauna is 'Heath-ing', wow, she punched a man in the face for jokingly stealing her beer!

v. - You 'Heath-ed' out last night girl, you were flailing your arms around screaming downtown that YOU WERE NOT GUILTY and told a man that you loved his orange motorcycle
by heathfan February 17, 2011
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Heath is a name for a guy with brown hair, pretty eyes, sometimes wears glasses, gorgeous smile and has a very nice penis with excellent sexual powers.
Oh wow, I never thought I'd see a dick as hot as Heath's.
by titsrnicer February 3, 2010
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Heath is a kind,hot, loving and caring person. He has brownish hair with amazing brown eyes and he is one of kind. He is funny, smart, he is a fantastic boyfriend and would do anything for you. If you are dating a heath don't ever let him go. You will regret it.
Girl1- "who's that??"
Girl2- "back of heath is my boyfriend."
Girl1 and Girl2 fighting in the backround.
by Knowledge!! November 22, 2017
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Getting fucked up to the point of passing out or dying naked on:

1. Ambien
2. Vicodin
3. Whiskey

Or a combination of all three. Roots are Australian and Heath Ledger.
Man it was a tough week, I'm getting Heathed tonight.
by The Adam January 26, 2008
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Wow my life is better because of Heath. I’m so grateful we met all those years ago!
by A.beautiful.intelligent.girl October 2, 2023
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