named for its creator, a deep, penetrating ass-grab that often includes portions of the grundle and/or vagina
Last night, I saw Gifty administer the gift to at least four different people.


Nothing can clear out a party faster than an asshole who is creeping around giving the gift.


One of these days, Keith is going to get arrested or killed for giving the gift to the wrong chick.
by DeezEnUTees April 17, 2007
Pronunciation: 'gift
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse, something given, talent; akin to Old English giefan to give

1 : a shitless wipe awarded from on high to a worthy recipient
1 : "Oh man, I just recieved THE GIFT today, I took a heinous dump and went to wipe what I thought would be a shitty ass and I was clean. God has been good to me."

2 : "The best way to be awarded THE GIFT is to hold your poo in til you are turtleheading. Your patience will yield a shitless wipe."
by SRS December 2, 2004
Gift. Dictionary meaning present but in depth, a present to the world. Beautiful, pretty, sexy smart and talented. Often loud but quiet at the same time. Should never be tested even tho tough they seem calm and weak don't try thief patience. Can easily get angry but takes a while for them to be sad and very violent. Very good in bed and other places and takes whatever life throws.
She's such a gift!!
by HolyGrayal April 5, 2017
Embodying the word gifted, showing extreme intelligence, therefore showing giftativity.
Wow! Luis showed a lot of giftativity in yesterday's English class!
by AkmedBinLaden September 28, 2016
The period or better the curse. You cannot see, but for sure you can feel the inverted commas on it.
Most appropriately, a "gift" from Mother Nature: for girls, a confirmation of her sick sense of humour.
I got my gift when I was shopping, great.

ahhhhh take it away .... pokes gift .... its not going away is it?.... :( why mother nature why !!!!

my gift finally arrived but on the worst day. cheers.

ive just ad my gift thanks not one of my fav pressies!!! lol
by a,men May 25, 2009
Getting your period. Being "gifted" doesn't take any great talent though. You become gifted when that bitch Mother Nature drops a period on you.

Sorry sugarpie, no sweet stuff tonight: I'm gifted.

Beware i'm gifted, i can legally kill someone
by a,men April 1, 2009
It asical means you give a gift to someone and they pay you back with a gift
Aye u tryna do a gift for gift?
by Younaaammmeeeit January 10, 2017