Gift. Dictionary meaning present but in depth, a present to the world. Beautiful, pretty, sexy smart and talented. Often loud but quiet at the same time. Should never be tested even tho tough they seem calm and weak don't try thief patience. Can easily get angry but takes a while for them to be sad and very violent. Very good in bed and other places and takes whatever life throws.
She's such a gift!!
by HolyGrayal April 5, 2017
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Poison in german,Im not making this shit up.
Don’t trust a german to get you a gift for your birthday.
by Frumper Snatch July 10, 2018
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Cool, sick, tight, off the chain, etc. Irish slang
Your new whip is gift.
by Rene J. Rojo November 28, 2004
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a hottie, an acronym for "guy (or girl) I'd f**k today (or tomorrow)"
by j9 g'ski June 14, 2006
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The term a true woman uses in reference to a man’s ejaculate. ( cum ).
I knew she was a pile of shit when she spit my gift out in the sink. I said bitch, you keep my gift.
by Blamupinit April 19, 2019
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Grandma I'd Fuck Tonight.
Whether her and her kids are sluts at a young age or you're just really into wrinkles, her shaggy poon is a Gift to you.
"I don't care how many little bastards she's got, I'd still pound that Gift's decrepit old ass."
by godofapathy February 21, 2008
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Embodying the word gifted, showing extreme intelligence, therefore showing giftativity.
Wow! Luis showed a lot of giftativity in yesterday's English class!
by AkmedBinLaden September 28, 2016
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