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A very beautiful tall girl. Gifties are normally brown skinned girls as gifty is an exotic name. They tend to have very big welcoming smiles and great body shapes. Their bodies tend to look good in everything. Many tend to get jealous of her as she has a very sharp mind and tends to make decisions fast, like deciding to stop talking to someone. They will instantly cut you out of their life if you are not careful.

Something to beware of when it come to Gifties is that they get annoyed easily, they like making people laugh and cheering people up but when they get angry you do not want to be around them or be the reason why they are angry.
Girl: Hey Gifty, I like your hair

Gifty : Oh thanks. *Gifty will be extremely happy all day because of the compliment she got*
by GemForever August 25, 2013
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A person in gifted classes. Characterized by correcting someone when they use a double negative, being disappointed when they get a B, and having the strangest sense of humor. Usually hang out with other gifties.

Not to be confused with a nerd, who is a person who enjoys Japanese entertainment and doesn't ever talk.
"I think you meant to use the word fishes, because it means more than one type of fish in a group, rather than a group of all the same type."
"Shut up, gifty"
by AndyAZ October 08, 2007
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Someone smarter than you, though much less athletic. A respectible nerd.
Damn gifties...I wonder if they want to play football?
by Anonymous January 22, 2003
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1) A student who has been designated as intellectually superior by their board of educators.

2) A student who is enrolled in gifted classes.

3) A student considered by their peers to be smart.

Gifties are characterized by their odd senses of humor, strange hobbies, strange relationships with their peers, an ability to tell whether or not another person is gifted by talking to them, and a general rivalry with students recieving normal educations, or "normies".

Gifties are, needless to say, often considered "wierd" for their personalities. Personality traits of gifties vary from person to person, and can include perfectionism, depression, extreme happiness (often to the slight disturbance of others), antisocial tendencies, rebellious behaviour, creativity, uncontrollable energy, spontaneous outbursts, an inability to concentrate, and (most common) hyperactivity.

Contrary to popular belief, gifties often do not succeed in school and do not neccesarily care about their education. Many gifties recieve poor grades, are disorganized, disrupt classes, and may have great difficulty in a certain subject area.

Gifties are a small portion of the population, and prefer to stick with each other rather than the rest of the population, often impatient with ways of society that may seem unimportant, unfair or unneccesary to them.
Gifty: Hahaha! There was a Migwissack in science class thanks to this guy!


Normy: What?

Gifty: (coldly) Oh look, a normy.

Normy: I thought gifties were smart.

Gifty: Really? I'm failing math.

Other Gifty: I actually have ADHD.


Gifties: LMAO YES

Normy: Omg, you guys are so wierd >.< *leaves*

Gifty: ...and this is why I prefer hanging around other gifties.
by therandomgiftypersonXD March 19, 2009
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One who possesses superior intelligence and is therefore placed in special classes with other gifties.

The gifty is characterized by poor social skills (they seldom deign to socialize with normies), grammatical nitpicking, and explosive individualism.

Some gifties are also nerds. These are often the least normal (and thereby the most gifted) of all the gifties, and usually embody certain aspects of the gifted subculture.
Teacher A: I hate teaching the damn gifty class.

Teacher B: Why?

Teacher A: It's so chaotic. They just spent the whole class arguing.

Teacher B: What about?

Teacher A: Kirk vs. Picard.
by TolianSoran March 14, 2009
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only of significance as something to buy and give for the holidays (or sometimes birthdays), but otherwise totally useless the minute they unwrap it.
Gifty things aren't exactly stuff you find at Spencer or actual gift, gifty crap is what you find on end caps at Target and in checkout lines at Ross every December.

Every store gets in the act of selling gifty stuff. The likes of Home Depot will sell iPod speakers and baby booties just because it's the holidays.
by Kuahmel December 20, 2010
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A wierdo, a spaz, a wonderfully crazy nut with a personality flashier and brighter than a multicoloured disco ball. Usually relates best to other gifties. Refers to most, but not all, students in gifted classes. In rare instances, students who are not in gifted classes may also be called gifties if they fit the personality requirements described above.
"What a bunch of wierdos."
"What? It's just that gifty and his friends."
by Spaztron January 24, 2009
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