A very beautiful tall girl. Gifties are normally brown skinned girls as gifty is an exotic name. They tend to have very big welcoming smiles and great body shapes. Their bodies tend to look good in everything. Many tend to get jealous of her as she has a very sharp mind and tends to make decisions fast, like deciding to stop talking to someone. They will instantly cut you out of their life if you are not careful.

Something to beware of when it come to Gifties is that they get annoyed easily, they like making people laugh and cheering people up but when they get angry you do not want to be around them or be the reason why they are angry.
Girl: Hey Gifty, I like your hair

Gifty : Oh thanks. *Gifty will be extremely happy all day because of the compliment she got*
by GemForever August 25, 2013
A person in gifted classes. Characterized by correcting someone when they use a double negative, being disappointed when they get a B, and having the strangest sense of humor. Usually hang out with other gifties.

Not to be confused with a nerd, who is a person who enjoys Japanese entertainment and doesn't ever talk.
"I think you meant to use the word fishes, because it means more than one type of fish in a group, rather than a group of all the same type."
"Shut up, gifty"
by AndyAZ October 8, 2007
One who possesses superior intelligence and is therefore placed in special classes with other gifties.

The gifty is characterized by poor social skills (they seldom deign to socialize with normies), grammatical nitpicking, and explosive individualism.

Some gifties are also nerds. These are often the least normal (and thereby the most gifted) of all the gifties, and usually embody certain aspects of the gifted subculture.
Teacher A: I hate teaching the damn gifty class.

Teacher B: Why?

Teacher A: It's so chaotic. They just spent the whole class arguing.

Teacher B: What about?

Teacher A: Kirk vs. Picard.
by TolianSoran March 15, 2009
Almost like a selfie, but instead it is the act of buying a special gift for your own personal use.
Person 1: OMG I love your necklace where did you get it from?!??

Person 2: Thanks! It was a giftie I found it on sale!!
by supergirl2420 December 25, 2017
One who attends special classes for those who learn faster than normal kids. They have a high IQ and are often stereotyped as socially-challenged.
Damn gifties! Making us look stupid....
by chaichai March 24, 2005
A student who attends "gifted" classes- special education for those that are more intellectual that the typical student. They may be junior school or high school students.
Gifties tend to hang out in the drama hallway.

The gifties get to do all the fun stuff.

Are you in any giftie classes?
by Phwoar! January 22, 2004
Someone smarter than you, though much less athletic. A respectible nerd.
Damn gifties...I wonder if they want to play football?
by Anonymous January 22, 2003