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When a babe's clit stands on end due to an aroused nature.
"She got the damned near most erect clitty hardon I've ever seen as I began to eat out her p'zone.
by SRS May 01, 2005

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A combination of ROFLMAO and PopoZao to be used exclusivly for LOLing @ K-Fed.
OMG1 i let out a HUGE ROFLMAZAO when i heard teh word that britney is ditching that douche ass k-fed. LOL
by SRS November 09, 2006

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Pronunciation: 'pi{ng}k 'zOn
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle Dutch pinke, from Latin zona belt, zone, from Greek zOnE; akin to Lithuanian juosti to gird

1: the vaginal orifice or vaginal pore of a female

SEE ALSO: p'zone
1: Man, this soft core porn is bullshit. Her pink zone is covered by her undies.
by SRS December 28, 2004

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To "jack with" someone is to tell someone a lie in a way that will make that person believe you. To mess with someone, to pull a person's leg.
The used car salesman jacked with the ignorant teenager.
by SRS August 09, 2004

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Pronunciation: 'gift
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse, something given, talent; akin to Old English giefan to give

1 : a shitless wipe awarded from on high to a worthy recipient
1 : "Oh man, I just recieved THE GIFT today, I took a heinous dump and went to wipe what I thought would be a shitty ass and I was clean. God has been good to me."

2 : "The best way to be awarded THE GIFT is to hold your poo in til you are turtleheading. Your patience will yield a shitless wipe."
by SRS December 01, 2004

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