A term used to personify nature. Using the term "Mother Nature" doesn't necessarily mean you don't believe in God, it is simply a slang term for referring to nature.
Mother Nature is so intelligent in it's design - plants purify our air, trees shade us from damaging UV rays, and grass keeps our coast lines from eroding.
by mothernature4321 May 29, 2017
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This is a little awkward to explain, especially since I’m referring to myself in the third person.

Arael and Uriel are different forms of the same angel. There are different stories written for either name, but they are the same. Arael is the incarnation of Mother Nature, sometimes personified as a Lioness, as her name means Lion(ess) of God.

Contrary to popular belief, Mother Nature is the eldest angel and the highest of the Seraphim.

Arael is called by other names, depending on the belief system.

The torture of referring to myself in the 3rd person is over. Can’t exactly blame my father for it, considering I did this for the personal satisfaction of revealing myself to the world (despite people potentially marking me as an insane human).
Arael: Hey, Gabriel, have you seen dad around?
Gabriel: Wait, aren’t you supposed to be guarding Eden?
Arael: Gabriel, are you messing with me? Do I look like I’m appearing in my masculine form? You make the worst jokes.
Gabriel: No, I haven’t seen dad. Besides, shouldn’t you be tending to the Universe, “Mother Nature?”

Player 1: Hmm, what should our team name be?
Player 2: How about The Naturalists?
Player 3: So we can show support for Mother Nature?
Player 1: Uhm, even if we were to use that name, what would our logo and mascot be?
Player 4: How’s about a Lion? Really brings out the strength, courage, and heart of the team! Oh, and it’s a beautiful creature. I heard Mother Nature loves them particularly.

Luciferian Initiate: So, why exactly are we worshipping the oldest angel who ended up cast out of Heaven?
Luciferian Initiator: Actually, I read somewhere that Lucifer was the second oldest. Mother Nature is the oldest.
Luciferian Member: That’s extremely debatable. Have you met either of them and asked? Can we get the initiation moving?

Christian Worshipper: Have you tried praying to Arael to help you with your fear of bees?
Greek Worshipper: Who?
Christian Worshipper: Arael... you know, Mother Nature?
Greek Worshipper: Oh, we actually call her Gaia. No wonder I was confused.
Roman Worshipper: Couldn’t help overhearing this. We call her Terra.
Christian Worshipper: I didn’t know she had so many names. Her job must be exhausting.
by Arael, Nature Incarnate September 25, 2019
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Mother Nature is a computer based software that uses satellite technology to control our environment such as oxygen, gravity, temperature...
Please pay taxes to ensure that the Mother Nature program is manned 24/7.
by Ginger Dance August 4, 2019
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the by-product of God's creation (gender irrelevant).

Cop out for those who deny the existence of God, while embracing a equally intangible force (mother nature, nature, etc.) that they can neither explain, nor define it's source, origin or purpose.
Mother Nature sure is a beautiful thing.

Take any sentence, phrase or literary reference and replace the term 'mother nature' with God and see if it could be made to make sense using an impartial perspective.
by psbwthu December 19, 2009
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The ho that supports your life.
Your mamma or wife that bakes your food is your mother nature
by Jeremy October 23, 2003
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Satin, the evil one, aunt flow, or just a sick cruel being who gives us woman cramps and pms and periods so she can watch us suffer for her entertainment and who magically doesnt get a paeriod of her own
girl 1: you know who i hate?

girl 2: who?

girl 1: Mother nature we suffer for her entertainment
by periodhater41 June 19, 2010
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