getting hit in the balls so hard that you scream like a little girl.
"Dude, i just gave Johnny The Frenchman like none other."
"Man you're a jackass, Mark."

if you want another example. see the Ouch! video of a skiier on youtube, you will understand.
by Sean Henderson October 3, 2007
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When during oral sex you kiss and swirl your tongue around the clit and finish by gently blowing on the clit.
Last night he gave me The Frenchman. It was amazing!

blow oral sex
by Cakeface1213 December 5, 2015
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When a man ejaculates on the chin of a woman and then proceeds to shave his pubic hair then plaster it on her chin.
Conrad- "did you see that hot ass girl walkin down the street before?!"

David- "yeahh dude, i'd toootally give her the frenchman."
by salutations January 7, 2010
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frinch'-man: A male human from/residing in France.
Look at that guy who lives in and/or came from France! He is such a Frenchman!
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someone who hasnt won a war in a long, long time.
American: hey remember world war II?
Frenchguy:No, i do not recall.
American:I thought you'd say that you little frenchman pussy bastard.
by krimsonnazi November 1, 2009
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a worthless mofo that would give up a war if it was with a peice of paper
frenchman:Oh no i better give up or i might get a paper cut
by Tru KillA July 14, 2003
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