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when a hot guy (or a guy who thinks he is hot) walks into a room making all the girls panties wet.
1.Im going to take my shirt off before I walk into there and the whole room will get flooded
2. When I walk in the room will get flooded, so try not to slip.
by GarAssNigga December 06, 2017
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an "iced out" piece of jewelery that has diamonds throughout and often covering the gold.
the custom piece that the jeweler did for me was flooded.. i was blinding cats with those stones!
by BYN April 30, 2008
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so filled with ejaculate that it spills out of whatever orifice is being used
He went to that sex club last night and got flooded in the sling again.
by andre1433 April 28, 2009
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To be so wasted ar full of alcohal that you vomit it all up in one spew. the worst kind of drunk.
That guy was so flooded he puked a bottle of gin.
by Stubbs11 February 21, 2009
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adj. To have drunk far too much alcohol so that you cannot contain it at either end. Frequently, flooded individuals are the people who clog up the bathroom at house parties.
"Bro im gonna get so fuckin flooded tonight"
"Don't spend half the night in the bathroom bro, last week you were too flooded and we all had to water the daisies"
by themightymosdef August 16, 2016
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