Insert a finger (or more if required) inside your girl, lifting her up in the air and using your other hand to spin her round like you're balancing a Fidget Spinner.
Met this chick last night and she was filthy as fuck. I even did the Fidget Spinner on her!
by Rorytx June 15, 2017
A new, revolutionary sex position in which the male lays flat with an erect pene while the female positions herself in cowgirl position, then proceeds to lay flat on top on the male, spread her arms and legs out wide, then the male uses his hands to spin her around the axis of his phallus, imitating the movement of a fidget spinner on the tip of a person's finger
"David tried the fidget spinner on me last night and it was spectacular."
"I stubbed my toe on a dresser doing a fidget spinner on Tanner."
"My dick felt like it was being drilled into a sponge when Sheila did the fidget spinner on me."
by BigRick2008 May 31, 2017
A toy used for mental illnesses or something of at nature, like ADD, but is used as an expensive 'cool' thing to have by teenagers. Including elementary schools too.
Alex: Lemme see ur fidget spinner
Jake: No dude I spent $30 on this fidget get ur own
Alex: Just a spin?
Jake: u got ADD?
Alex: Nah dude
Jake: I do. So no.
by RitoshiHusky May 5, 2017
The dumbest fad to ever catch on with retarded teens. Playing with these will fidgetize you.
by kevo02 May 13, 2017
a device made with originally good intentions made into a cringey trend angsty 12 year olds follow to conduct faggotry
"Haiiiii!!!!!1111!! do you guys like my light up seizure inducing chrome metal hugely overpriced unnecessary fidget spinner!??!!!?"
by Somerandomrealist May 30, 2017
A stupid toy for Autism that is now used by a bunch of dumb teens worldwide.
"This fool came to school with a fidget spinner like he's Autistic or something."
by Herban Dicktionary April 1, 2017