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1. n. The end of evolution; the epitome of all that is technologically sound and perfect. A phone created by the Motorola Corporation in the summer of the year of our Lord Two-Thousand and Nine that has effectively ended the ability to invent anything but new "apps", or "applications", for said The Droid. Can do anything, for any reason, at any time.

2. n. (see GOD)

3. adj. Used to describe something that is not only epic, but totally makes the bitches cream their pantaloons.

4. adj. Used to describe any one entity/nonentity that is infantessimally better that the iPhone.

5. v. The act of dominating another person place or thing entirely, on every level of their existence. (also see PWN)
1. Carl: Dude, is that The Droid??

James: Totally bro. I just got it today

Carl's Girlfriend: James, could I possibly suck your dick?

James: Sure. (turns to camera) Thanks, Pussy Magnet App!!

Carl: Noooooooo!!! (cries like a bitch.)

2. (from scripture) And The Droid said, Let there be light: and there was light.

3. Steven: Bro. Did you see that LeBron James cross-court drive?? That shit was The Droid, son!!!

Drew: Yeah...(looks down)

Steven: Bro, did you just cream your pants?? I thought you were a dude!!!

Drew: I haven't always been a dude...

4. Jason: Sex is The Droid

Modias: I don't know, my iPhone is pretty cool...

Jason: Fag.

5. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a major camper was trying to chill out with the Intervention, but x W4rg4mer x totally The Droid that fag with one shot from an AT4-HS.
by Maybe Rocks April 5, 2010
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A phone made by Motorola and distributed by Verizon. It was supposed to be the iphone killer but due to its horrible keyboard, unreliable sound, and spotty coverage, it failed miserably. In short, this phone is a complet and total fail.
I had the droid for one weekend before I realized how bad it was and returned it, payed the $30 restocking fee, and got an EnV Touch
by It Was Written March 14, 2010
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Basically a person equivalent to a walking shit stain, no purpose in life, below average iq and generally look pretty funny. Droids are like npc’s in gta, repetitively living the same stupid and pathetic life. You can tell if you have encountered a droid by observing their face and actions.
Yo bro, look at that walking droid over there. It’s not looking good for his friends and family.
by Cyboris Bloborus April 28, 2021
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to find an answer using an Android Phone.
Bob woke up in the morning wondering what the weather was going to be that day. He reached over to his night stand, grab his Android phone and droid it.

Mike, "Hey Dave, do you know what movies are out?"

Dave, "Droid it."
by Iputa En Yu January 25, 2011
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A badass line of smartphones from Verizon Wireless that run on the Android operating system.
Guy- "Dude, what kind of phone is that? It's so badass."

Guy 2- "Dude, that's my new Droid RAZR."
by ethan123445676433 July 4, 2012
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Taken from Android, a robot though not limited to one of human form. Unique to the Star Wars universe (LucasFilms has a trademark on it).
Jobs that are deemed to dangerous or monotonous for humans are often left to droids.
by Zanshin August 10, 2004
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To google something using your DROID phone.
Dude, I totally droided that... screw google.
by InfernalTempestX December 20, 2009
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