When a women or man (the 'doorbellee') bends over on all fours and you (the 'doorbeller') approach from behind and, with the index finger extended, press on the rectum and then slowly insert the finger, as if ringing a 'doorbell'.
"Stacey was not aware that Nich was present while she was bent over reading a magazine on the floor in the nude until he approached her from behind and rang "The Doorbell."
by The Pole January 27, 2010
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on a girls body wat a boy pushes

Last night my boy friend pushed my doorbells.
by Lillian Gordy August 10, 2005
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Doorbelling some one is : pushing some one’s butthole (anus ) And saying ding dong .
by Dirty: a Llamma . June 19, 2020
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A dog, especially in the countryside. Of course, that's because they announce a visitor like a doorbell usually does.
These hillbilly doorbells really know a federal when they smell one, huh? ("Justified" TV series)
by Cosimo72 September 17, 2011
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The most effective political action work an organizer can do. Best at finding volunteers and creating honest conversations.
Yay! let's go doorbelling in the 1st Congressional district.
by PeoplePower September 17, 2012
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You grab your partners penis roll your other hand into a fist and hit his balls and pull his dick at the same time while yelling out DING DONG!!
by Moko55 December 12, 2008
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