The act of having sex with a girl while completely hammered, and while she is on her back, you throw up all over her. In doing this, you have completed, The Dirty Girl
Dude I was so hammered last night, I was taking this girl to pound town, and I got sick and puked all over her. She's the dirty girl.
by The dirty girl slayer October 25, 2009
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an attractive sexy,smart and girl who is not only enthusiastically sexual but likes to perform freaky and and seductive things to a partner/ boyfriend. She ensures the sexual gratification and satisfaction of her man by any means necessary! ;
(Pensive thinking): I am so grateful my girlfriend Becka is a dirty girl, I can't believe how she rocked my world last night!
by Rugby Russ October 20, 2013
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One who is naughty and into freaky things.
That's one dirty girl she's a good lay.
by skone February 19, 2005
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Girl likes having sex and likes sex toys...
Your a dirty girl, let’s go to my room.
by Lilidabest September 20, 2020
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A girl who sleeps around or is into kinky dirty sex acts.
damn i love dirty girls they are so freaky
by kevin simpsons May 5, 2006
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A girl who isn't afraid of breaking the idealistic views of the female persona. She's always down for a good time(drinking, illegal substances, sex, getting a new tattoo, ect.). People know if she's around a party will follow.
Dirty Girl:
Isobel Varley
Paris Hilton
Britney Spears
Lindsey Lohan
Jo Dirty
by JoDirty September 6, 2009
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A Dirty Girl is a little more hardcore or skanky than a Naughty Girl
Example, a Naughty Girl will do all the freaky sex things you like to do with you, but a Dirty Girl will do them with anyone.
by Monti April 28, 2006
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